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Fire Protection Techniques – Things You Should Learn to Stay Calm in Cases of Fire

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We do certain things in order to protect ourselves. We will never know when danger will come. Sometimes, we obtain special trainings to ready ourselves further in the event that it will happen. Others just plainly read about them and apply it to their daily lives. It is good that people are taking chances to improve their knowledge in increasing their chances of surviving emergencies.

People face various emergencies daily. Everyday, people are being rushed into the hospitals to be treated for serious injuries. Some are rushed for revival from loss of consciousness. However, there are things that we can actually do, in order for us to avoid the worst conditions that a person could undergo. Sometimes, other people get the worse because of getting into an accident while finding a way to survive in the middle of the emergency.

An example of this kind of situation is in the event of fire. Some people panic when they hear that the building is on fire. Once they panic, they run around like crazy. In turn, what happens is that, they can trigger stampede or they fall off the stairs from running. Some people do not know where to go, instead of using the fire exits; they use the elevator thinking that they could reach the ground floor sooner. Only to find them trapped when the power is cut off.

That is why it is important for us to practice certain things in order to know what to do in cases of fire. This things or activities are our key to fire protection. Here are some things to do:


It is important that you have to practice fire drills from time to time. This will be a preparation for you in case of fire. Most of public or private establishments do this, even schools. If they can do it, you can do it in your homes too.

Know exit points

It is important that you familiarize yourself with the floor plan of the building. You should know your exit points in order to get out of the building safely. Most exit points are paths of ladders and stairs. Knowing these doors and routes will help you from avoiding panic in cases of fires.

Drop low to avoid fumes

When fumes and smokes start to aggravate in this cases, stay low or as much as possible crawl your way out to the exit. Note: smokes natural tendency is to go up. That is why when you stand; you can normally inhale the fumes causing you to asphyxiate.

This is one fire protection that you should do in case of worsening fire.

Cover self with wet fabrics

If the flames are bursting and getting bigger, the normal reaction is that everything becomes too hot. Temperatures will rise to the point that it can hurt your skin. One of the best options you can take is actually get a blanket and soak it with water. This can serve as your protection while you make your way out of the fire.

Having specialized in fire protection for over 20 years, Brian now works tirelessly to promote affordable fire safety for home and for business.

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