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Foreign Fire Sprinklers

Foreign Fire Sprinklers

A Guest Post Submitted By Mike W

Have you ever wondered about the use of fire sprinklers outside the U.S.? There are actually many countries that use and manufacture sprinkler heads. The use of sprinklers now spans the entire globe. Sprinklers can be found on every continent with Antarctica being a possible exception. However, sprinklers are not manufactured on every continent.

I have been collecting sprinkler heads for a little over six years, but I have recently gained a special interest in sprinklers from other countries. In January of 2009, I purchased my first foreign-made sprinkler heads. My first foreign heads were from England and Denmark. While Denmark is host to one manufacturer, “GW”, England is home to the most sprinkler companies outside of the U.S. These brands include: Mather & Platt (Grinnell), Atlas, Matthew Hall, Spraysafe, Wormald (British sector), Titan, Firekil, and Angus.

Later that year I found out about a sprinkler collector from The Netherlands. When I contacted him, I learned about many more sprinkler types that I never knew existed. Many other European countries also manufacture sprinklers besides England. Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Luxembourg all manufacture different brands of sprinkler heads. These brands include: S.F.H., Minimax, T.W.F., Rolland, Ogidro, Jomos, Saval, and CPF Industriale. Included is a photo of different European sprinklers. From left to right: Atlas, Firekil, and Saval.

There are also many different sprinklers made and used in Asia and Australia. While I am only just starting to learn about Asian sprinklers, there are certainly many of them out there to collect. Unfortunately, they are very difficult to acquire for those of us living in the States. China, Japan, India, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and U.A.E all manufacture sprinkler heads. I currently have three sprinklers from Asia. One of them is from Japan, and two of them are from Taiwan. Included is a photo of a sprinkler from Japan made by “Senju”.

Australia is another country that uses and manufactures sprinkler heads. While Australia does not currently have any domestic manufacturers at this time, they used to. Wormald, while having a branch in England and other countries, was based in Australia. Wormald is now part of Tyco International. Due to its ties with Great Britain, Mather & Platt was also located in Australia. The heads are essentially the same as their English counterparts, except that they are stamped “Made in Australia”.

Collecting foreign sprinklers makes sprinkler collecting even more interesting. It is simply amazing to see how many different varieties of sprinkler heads exist in the world. Not only is there a great variety of sprinkler brands throughout the world, there is an incredibly variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors. It should also be known that most foreign sprinklers utilize the glass bulb. Very few foreign sprinklers have a metallic, fusible link as a means of activation.

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